Bulk block unwanted callers!

Get rid of annoying spam phone-calls once and forever!

Range blocking

With up to 7-digit precision (10 million combinations)


We never access any of your personal data

Easy setup

2-steps installation

Large database

500,000 spammy numbers inside


Identify who's calling you


Tweak your preferences

How it works?

Call Ranger blocks unwanted calls from marketers, robocalls, debt collectors and scam callers using a pre-defined database and your custom blocking rules (up to 50,000,000 combinations)

Everytime you receive a call that is included on your blocking rules, it is dropped or identified depending on your prefereneces. To enable Call Ranger follow these steps:

1. Open the Call Ranger app, hit "Next" and then "Start". Wait for the loading process to be finished.
2. Open the iOS Settings app -> Phone -> Call Blocking & Identification and switch ON all 25 Call Ranger instances.

Mass block annoying callers using the "Range Blocking" feature with 7-digit precision meaning 10,000,000 number combinations!

Help & support

I have enabled Call Ranger but i still get calls from spammers, why?

Call Ranger extension works with a pre-defined database of scam numbers. It’s possible that those numbers have not being included on the blocking list so you have to use the Range Blocking feature in order to block them. To do so:

1) Make sure that all 25 Call Ranger extensions are enabled by navigating to the iOS Settings -> Phone -> Call blocking & identification.
2) Open the Call Ranger app, navigate on the Settings page and make sure that the "Block unwanted calls" switch is ON.
3) Tap on the "Block ranges of phone numbers" option (Range Blocking) and enter the country code prefix of the number that you want to block (e.g. for the number "+1 123 456 7899" add "1" on the textfield), tap "Next".
4) Add the phone number that you want to range block without the prefix (e.g. for the number "+1 123 456 7899" add "1234567899" on the textfield) and tap "Next".
5) Select the number range that you want to block by tapping on the respective option (e.g. for the number "+1 123 456 7899" using the 7-digit option, it will block all ranges of numbers from "+1 123 000 0000" to "+1 123 999 9999" which means 10,000,000 million combinations.

If you still have issues with spam calls getting through, please contact us at info@e-papadakis.gr

When i'm trying to enable one of the 25 app extension, i get an "Error Enabling Extension" saying to contact the app developer and that the data provided is invalid, what should i do?

When enabling all the 25 app extensions one by one, sometimes the procees takes longer to be completed on some of them and this "false-positive" error is displayed, which is actually not a real problem. In order to bypass it, try to enable the "problematic" extension again by switching it ON (sometimes it loads a bit more). If the issue persists, restart your device and try to enable the app extension once again.
if you still have issues, please contact us at info@e-papadakis.gr

Why there are 25 extensions that i have to enable?

CallKit has a limitation and allows up to 2,000,000 entries per extension. In order to have 50,000,000 number combinations, we have to use 25 extensions that will hold this amount of entries.

Do you access any of my personal phone numbers or contact list?

No. The app never access any of your personal data such contacts, phone numbers, messages or anything else. Call Ranger uses iOS CallKit technology which is privacy-aware for such functionalities. For more info about privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy section here

How can i bulk block ranges of numbers?

Add ranges of bad & annoying phone numbers using the "Range Blocking" feature. Just enter the country code prefix and the phone number that you want to range block and select your digit-range blocking option you prefer with up to 10 million combinations (7-digits numbers e.g. +44 121 XXX XXXX)

How can i identify only without blocking the unwanted calls?

Open Call Ranger, tap on "Settings" option on the bottom and switch ON the "Identify unwanted calls" option and make sure the "Block unwanted calls" option is switched OFF. When you'll receive an scam call, it will be marked as spam when the phone rings.

Why i cannot install Call Ranger on my iOS device?

Call Ranger is an iOS CallKit extension app which works with the following devices using iOS 10 on greater:

iPhone 5S

iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone SE

iPhone 7/iPhone 7S

iPad Mini 2/3/4

iPad Air/iPad Air 2

iPad Pro